Protect Your Wall With an Artistic Backsplash

Plan a tile backsplash installation project with our team from Conover, NC

A bathroom or kitchen backsplash doesn't only protect your wall from moisture, soap and detergent. It also adds a stylistic feature to your room. Shuman's Home Projects LLC installs beautiful backsplashes in Conover, NC and surrounding areas.

When you plan a tile backsplash installation project with us, you can customize your backsplash tile. We'll get your input on the:

  • Material, such as glass or ceramic tile
  • Shape, such as square or rectangular tile
  • Color, such as neutral or vibrant tile
  • Pattern, such as basketweave or herringbone tile

You can even choose several colors or materials for a varied look, or specially designed mosaic tile. Ask us today about options for your bathroom or kitchen backsplash.

How long does installing a bathroom or kitchen backsplash take?

A tile backsplash installation project is a quick, simple way to brighten up a room. While mortar and grout may each take a day to dry, installing tile is a quick process. Your backsplash will be complete before you know it.

Email us right away to find out more about the process. We can provide a typical timeline and a free estimate.

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